Mother of the Believers

Mother of the Believers

This book is a work of fiction. Though based on historical events, it is not a history of those events. Readers who are interested in learning more about the history of Islam and the lives of Prophet Muhammad and his wife Aisha are encouraged to read some of the wonderful reference works that I have relied on to write this tale. These books include the brilliantly crafted biography by Martin Lings entitled Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources, as well as the excellent works by Barnaby Rogerson, including The Prophet Muhammad: A Biography and Heirs of Muhammad.

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Miss you Mom - Wallpaper

miss you mom,love u mother

Miss you Mom - Few Beautiful Words

Mom, nine months ago today

God called you home to stay

Mom, how I would love to just hear your voice
I can imagine you singing in heaven to rejoice

Many times I've seen you in my dreams
I now know what sadness truly means

Sometimes I hear a noise in the hall
I think of you, and the day we got the call

I think of you keeping watch over us, like a guardian angel would do
You know that we love you, and that we are thinking of you too

Somehow in my heart I just truly know
You keep watch over Laura and see her grow

Sometimes it is hard not to cry for a while
Then I think of you in Heaven and have to smile

When my chimes ring, I believe it is your way of saying hi
From your home in Heaven, way beyond the beautiful sky

When I get sad I remind myself, you're in a much better place
Mom I will think of you often, and remember your beautiful face

So to my mom Grace, who went to Heaven in 2004
I still miss you and one day, will see you on Heaven's shore


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